Artists Statement

My Medium


I do not use mediums. I believe that they are frauds and when the card of ”Death by seven daggers “ is exposed and it is explained in a positive light I feel somewhat taken advantage of.

Artistic medium is not so different. Art is worth what it means to someone, this is not the case, but in truth other than the obscene price on film, canvas, linen, oils, pigments, paper, lighting, and medical bills and medications (I am thinking of Ballerinas here), Art exists in our society as a dichotomy of the pure and the perceived. For example:

My mother is in no way a fan of Andys soup cans. She can, as we all can, be a bit closed minded. I personally believe Andy to be a genius. He manipulated the personalities and socially fucked individuals to give a crazy amount of money for a heartless snap in order to both fund honest art (to him) and perpetuate his amusement.

 I, for about a year, used a lot of blood but it was a gimmick and it oxides to an unattractive colur on white. It, for all I knew at the tim, might have been incredible; it’s not so I would not recommend fucking with it unless cutting yourself is pleasurable or you intend to incorporate it into a much more engrossing work. I can certainly see the beautiful images that are created by a super saturated film camera set up to catch the decreasing flow of blood from a person that just published his suicide vie the great French tradition. I believe that beheadings outnumber burnings.

It is my belief that medium is a single tool in avfreaking Lowe’s. An artist should bec a talented sketch artist, And anyone can do that with a good instructor. An artist should immediately demand the return of their tuition if there in no darkroom of film on the floor, I am now 42 and would never attend a university that restricted access at certain times. It is inspired work; hard, painful, heartbreaking work. You have to possess empathy so that excludes 70% of Americans, you have to live after those who you loved deeply either died or wrote you out of their lives. My younger, and only full sibling, has literal hate for me. I can understand sociopaths and during a 13 month incaraction became whatever a friend is to a psychopath yet hate eludes me.

Other than drawing, film, access, an understanding of chemistry, philosophy, and creative writing is needed but can self taught. When you have a grasp than sit around for a while and figure out what media you need to truly create havoc and disaster. y are going to have to read as well. And get Belenda Carlisle, Miles Davis, Chopan, Townes, and Irish, Bluegrass, 3-parts, and folk. Once you medium has been established. Wonder around for a year with no money.

Now go work your add of and do so with an intention to never show anyone what you have done. My expectations is that you will and your shit will be owned by cool people that love it. That is art and you are an artist. If you go to France to visit the cemetery where all of the nuns were massacred on the hopes to be moved -Artist; If you go  see the Mona Lisa than buy a good quality coffee table book (so when you have guests over they can notice it. If I recall correctly it looked to be possibly 16”/20” and resembled a walk in the winter Tennessee woods absent any snow.

 I know that this shit can be expensive but you do not need 200 linen and you have to be free. If you snap one bad instant print and think “there goes a few dollars than take the highest priced 120 roll out and toss it skyward. Then go and process the thing.

My Inspiration

A shot of my Zoe as model. A Lomo image re shot beneath thick glass. Christmas 2018.

The inspiration that drives me now is to give my daughter what my grandmother gave me which, in addition to many things, provlife’s me with an understanding of unconditional love. She, my Zoe, is a very responsible woman and I am proud of her but I am worried that she does not smell roses, I am painting and creating all I can in order that there can be some comfort should I suffer a premature death.

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